About Us

Greetings ! !

We are a startup from Pune, India. We are new into Business. We plan to conquer the market with Cost, Quality and Quantity. Which makes us different from the rest. Usually cost is  decided on the basis of how much the customer can pay and little on requirement. We offer you transparent cost which are completely based on the requirements different for local and International Client.  We are building Trust and Team at the same team so we will be doing our best at everything. For any queries contact us now.

The name AASA was derived from our founders’s mother name Asha which means hope, in Pali (an ancient Indian) language AASA stands for hope.

AASA was started with the Idea of Innovating software automation in every business basically making everything digital, helping people manage their business with the help of software or convert their business idea into software which will help them achieve their business Goals. As you know any manual task can be handled more efficiently when software is used. 

We have a goal of delivering more than 150 projects by the end of 2019 and not stopping there but being a global Brand till the end of 2022. If you have any such requirement, you can reach us out and help us achieve our Goal. We are continuously looking for new opportunities and working towards our Target.

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