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Learn also how to zoom out using similar technique. 34 kB gzipped Scroll - horizontal DataTables has the ability to show tables with horizontal scrolling, which is very useful for when you have a wide table, but want to constrain it to a limited horizontal display area. latest. 0-alpha! mapzoom. reveal. JS Online web ustaad In this video you will come to know that how to Build Hero image zoom on scroll using HTML 5 CSS 3 AND JavaScript in onepagescroll. All code belongs to the poster and no license is enforced. lax. js; basicCoordData. How to disable document body from scrolling I am using the new slider controls in a webform; however, these slider controls make the entire document scrol. js 1. Add touch gestures to your webapp. Pan/move, left-click and hold mouse button in the OrgChart JS and drag the mouse in any direction. js is known for one thing it's for its great chartjs-plugin-streaming Samples Tutorial | GitHub. 0. We will add → direction = "xy" to allow scrolling to every side. js` is loaded, the cropbox plugin will support gestures for panning and zooming the cropbox. Changing an image using the mouse wheel. This can generally be seen as an alternative method to pagination for displaying a large table in a fairly small vertical area, and as such pagination has been disabled here (note that this is not mandatory, it will work just fine with pagination enabled as well!). Scroll zooming is enabled by default via the mouse-wheel event of the view. Credits: Velocity. Animation; Retina; Zoom effect; API You can get Magnific Popup JS and CSS file from the build tool, from the dist/ jQuery 1. js is the best fit for a magazine, book or catalog based in HTML5. D3 based reusable chart library. Magic Scroll is a vanilla JavaScript slider with CSS3 animations. js, See a sample. io/panzoom/demo… panzoom <script src='https://unpkg. Ap Image Zoom is a jQuery plugin which allows you to zoom in/out an image with mouse wheel or touch scroll. Canvas Zoom to Cursor – awesome zoom script that uses HTML5 CANVAS context to enable zoom via mouse and supports a mousewheel, mouse clicks, and drag events to move the image. d3. zoom-image. scissors. 0/dist/panzoom. options. json. min. Contribute to anvaka/panzoom development by creating an account on GitHub. js. js – Beautiful and Smooth Scroll Effects with Javascript March 16, 2019 1154 Scroll lax. Hero Image zoom on scroll using HTML 5 & JS || SKROLLR. Another similar project is zoom. Syntax window. Product images are absolutely vital for every E-Commerce business. ow-to-zoom-div-content-using-jquery Don't forget to mark useful responses as Answer if they helped you towards a solution. js has everything to do it with only a few lines of code. ImageViewer ImageViewer is a zooming and panning plugin inspired by google photos for your web images. Permalink D3. Let's, see the scroll down a web page using the selenium webdriver with following 3 scenarios : When enabled, map navigation based on mouse scroll wheel is enabled. The resize event is sent to the window element when the size of the browser window changes: Add multi-touch gestures to your webpage. The specified element must have no children. Universal pan and zoom library https://anvaka. This is a javascript / CSS based image viewer prepared to display product photos, maps or any image within Row Editing and Editing Events; Batch Editing; Cell Editing and Editing API; Data Validation; Form Editing; Popup Editing; Cascading Lookups; Collaborative Editing Zoom Slider - a javascript image slideshow displaying images with zooming effect, integrated thumbnails, and animated caption. js makes a beautiful page turning effect using HTML5 and jQuery. autoScaleYaxis: Boolean. querySelectorAll('img')); // assign and set the zoom increment percentage  Definition and Usage. mapbox. You can zoom along X, Y or both axes. Lets put the "onmousewheel" event to some simple but practical use now. . 0 View on GitHub Check out v2. ) so the safe thing to do is to defer this change to individual site owners. g. May be it's too frequent but I'd like it to work like this (try to scroll inside chart and also move chart left/right  Sexy zoom feature, you can "zoom-in" the content of any nicescroll'ed div. In previous article, I have written Angular JS directive for Mouse Wheel Scroll. 8 — 7. The shape of the earth To use zoom with img elements, they will need to be wrapped with another element. A script to zoom IMG elements on mousewheel or touchpad scroll. js enables you to create beautiful interactive slide decks using HTML. Zooming is done via the mouse wheel or via a pinch gesture. 7. The element used for scrolling manipulation in ionic apps is called as the ion-scroll. js -->. This image shows several examples of scroll viewer Take a look at this example, it might help you out. The benefit to using a background-image is that script does not change the DOM or the positioning of the img element. Fullscreen Video Modal Boxes Timeline Scroll Indicator Progress Bars Skill Bar Range Sliders Tooltips Popups Collapsible Calendar HTML Includes To Do List Loaders Star Rating User Rating Overlay Effect Contact Chips Cards Flip Card Profile Card Product Card Alerts Callout Notes Labels Circles Style HR Coupon List Group Responsive Text Cutout Demo: Preventing map pan and zoom on page scroll. js v2. js is a JavaScript library that makes it easier to create a smooth scrolling effect with a side page navigation for your one page website / single page application. </head>. First, we will create our HTML element and add properties to it. Lower zoom levels means that the map shows entire continents, while higher zoom levels means that the map can show details of a city. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate. AJAX-ZOOM can preserve the zoom level from the flyout window when it opens at fullscreen by clicking on the mouseover image. Line chart (hotizontal scroll) Line chart (vertical scroll) Bar chart (hotizontal scroll) Bar chart (vertical scroll) Mixed chart (hotizontal scroll) Mixed chart (vertical scroll) Bubble chart (hotizontal scroll) Bubble chart (vertical scroll) Data labels plugin Annotation plugin Zoom plugin This method is a shortcut for . panzoom(element, { zoomSpeed: 0. ly/plotly-latest. action. 2/jquery. Similar to previous slide, this time we are resizing to 196% of the original size and top/left offset is going from 0 to -48%. PINCH ZOOM er is an easy to setup jQuery plugin for mobile and desktop that adds pinch to zoom / mouse scroll zoom function to your images. Download Parallax. Learn how to zoom into an image while you scroll down the page. scroll(x-coord, y-coord) window. github. The following code snippets will create scrollable containers and adjust scrolling patterns. Please note that these effects are not visible on small devices, where the user can simply scroll through the list of sections. Solved: Hello all, Here i want to change my mouse wheel direction the opp way. to the next level? Meet npm Enterprise - the ultimate in enterprise JavaScript. Why ImageViewer Smooth dragging and panning images. It transition/zooms in really cleanly. Setting touch-action to none will disable  Make any web visualization interactive via pan and zoom, for mobile and desktop , using just one line <script src="https://code. Totally configurable. executeScript(Script,Arguments); Script – This is the JavaScript that needs to execute. Trigger zoom manually. For example, consider the Scroll your mouse wheel up and down, and see the value that the variable "delta" returns, which is now consistent across browsers as far as signage. I've tried isZoomEnabled but nothing  2 Jan 2019 By default, a browser will handle touch interactions automatically: Pinch to zoom, swipe to scroll, etc. js after jQuery and initialize the plugin, passing the blocks class selector as a parameter. js How to disable zoom events in JavaScript charts. How to Fix Finger Scrolling and Muti-finger Gestures Problems in Windows 8 Step 1 : After Downloading the Windows 8 drivers 64/32 bit edition file, unzip it and install the drivers then reboot Presenteer. Scrolld. js Fold All; Unfold All. After a painful search on Google, I finally found a simple way to do it. We will also set the Zoom-in image effect on page scroll. Buy Smooth Zoom Pan - jQuery Image Viewer by VF on CodeCanyon. js - Cuts a page in  24 Nov 2014 ScrollMagic is a jQuery plugin which lets you use the scrollbar like a playback scrub control. 1), IE (7. Description, The code within the mouseWheel() event function is run when the mouse wheel is moved. It is one of the most important features of chart, especially when dealing with large amount of data. It's optional. generate({ data: { columns: [ ['sample', 30, 200, 100, 400, 150, 250, 150, 200, 170, 240, 350, 150, 100, 400, 150, 250 nanoScroller. scroll(options) Parameters. For example, if the zoom level is 200%, the scrollLeft property retrieves two times greater values before version 8 than from version 8 for the same scroll position. id love it to go 45 degrees up/right (northeast). Prior to v0. Hammer. At least a partial solution can be  script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" async src="https://api-maps. Wheelzoom replaces an img's background-image with its src. If you only have one image available, Elevate Zoom will still work if you scale down the image, although this is not recommended as your page load time will increase if you are loading larger images Row Editing and Editing Events; Batch Editing; Cell Editing and Editing API; Data Validation; Form Editing; Popup Editing; Cascading Lookups; Collaborative Editing How to bind callback functions to zoom events in D3. If either `Hammer. The zoom property in CSS allows you to scale your content. js` or `jquery. js 07/08/2018 - Gallery - 13177 Views. JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver; js. nano-content. Turn. js is a jQuery product gallery plugin for online stores that enable the customers to switch between product images and display the large version of the image with a magnifying glass effect on hover. Actually, this is just similar to translate and scale function in svg transform attribute. 6 Jan 2010 1) Load jQuery and the Mouse Wheel plugin Mouse Wheel plugin is . ru/ services/constructor/1. A different approach to Zooming in ZUI53 library, using pinch zoom / scroll wheel. May be it's too frequent but I'd like it to work like this (try to scroll inside chart and also move chart left/right  I was wondering if anyone had any luck figuring out how to enable mouse scrolling to zoom on MapKit JS. The example above can be achieved using any of the methods below. scroll effects text effects zoom Essentials accordions background borders buttons calendars cards clocks drag & drop filter & sort font size lazyloads links lists loaders page loaders scrollbars spinners timelines toggle switches Inputs checkboxes forms input text radio buttons range sliders searching uploads Media audio carousels charts All animations have been created using Velocity. slimScroll doesn’t occupy any visual space as it only appears on a user initiated mouse-over. Read more: 15 examples of scrolling done right in website design. scroll() method scrolls the window to a particular place in the document. We will also set the width and the height for the scroll element. 8 May 2019 Weighing just about 38 KB of JS , it has all the mapping features most Drag panning with inertia; Scroll wheel zoom; Pinch-zoom on mobile  I've been stuck on an issue quite similar to yours by having a custom control with a scrollable div inside. <head>. I needed to add zoom/pan on d3. zoom() behavior. It is impossible to read some layout related CSS styles from JavaScript (percent-based width and height, margins set to auto, etc. Panning can be done via the mouse or with a finger. Fully configurable and optimised for touch. am wondering if its possible for it to scroll in different angles? If i lets say get to the 4th page to the left and scroll down half a page per example and then want to go to the page on the right (that actually starts half a page higher than i am now) of it it goes directly right. feature); on all browsers you can scroll: dragging the cursor, mouse wheel ( speed  9 Mar 2016 Simple jQuery Image Zoom With Mouse Wheel or Touch Scroll · Simple jQuery Image Zoom 4, < script src = "js/ap-image-zoom. 4. For sections & slides! If fullPage. Scroll Reveal. Include jQuery library together with jQuery ap image zoom plugin's JS and Prevents scroll from zooming a map. Effect accomplished using Skrollr. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. You just need to create a g element as first child of the SVG element and connect d3. o) The scroll wheel does not scroll through the combobox items when the combo is NOT dropped down but has the input focus. js?ver=1. js is used for gesture recognition. x-coord is the pixel along the horizontal axis of the document that you want displayed in the upper left. A jQuery plugin that assists scrolling and smoothly snaps to sections. Zoomy. To understand how zoom levels work, first we need a basic introduction to geodesy. Zoom. However, at that expanded view, users can furthermore magnify by using the mouse wheel or clicking on the viewer with the left mouse button for zooming in and with the right mouse button for zooming out. Disable Zoom Events in plotly. Double tap to zoom in/zoom out. Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointers -> "Schemes" combobox. 065 // 6. * I know this question is old, but It may help future visitors. This sample demonstrates how to disable scroll zooming on a MapView instance. Zoomy is a flexible zoom plugin and can be used with either, two copies of the same image, or one image linked to its self. Leaflet is designed with simplicity, performance and usability in mind. Pinch in / pinch out to zoom in/out. js` or `jquery. Selenium Script to scroll down the page. This property controls both pan and zoom actions. JSFiddle or its authors are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind during the usage of provided code. e. JavaScript · samdark star_border When you're scrolling map comes into the view it is starting to zoom map out instead of scrolling the page. js is a jQuery plugin that offers a simplistic way of implementing Mac OS X Lion-styled scrollbars for your website. Just remember to include the entire contents of The MIT Licenses in your product. If you don't know how to code, we have a simple configuration wizard which you can use to configure your Magic Scroll in literally seconds. 10 Best Image Zoom JavaScript & CSS Libraries For 2019 This is the 10 best JavaScript and/or CSS libraries to zoom your images within the document for better user experience. This example shows the DataTables table body scrolling in the vertical direction. trigger( "resize" ) in the third. It applies to window objects, but also to scrollable frames and elements with the overflow CSS property set to scroll (or auto when the element's explicit height or width is less than the height or width of its contents). The onwheel event also occurs when the user  Scroll and zoom with Plotly. It works by sizing and positioning background-size and background-position styles. How to Scroll a Page With JavaScript. zoom. We tested the effects on mobile and performance was poor, therefore we decided to limit them to bigger and more powerful devices. Here is the result: It has mobile and SVG support and you can use a mousewheel to zoom to a focal point. You cannot disable the Pan navigation. There are 25 JS libraries here that can help you achieve that sort of response in your site design. 1. Supplement forward geocoding search results from another data source Accept coordinates as input to a geocoder Use a custom render function with a geocoder Limit geocoder results to a named region Place the geocoder input outside the map Use a custom camera animation with a geocoder Localize the geocoder to a given language Set a point after Geocoder result The following code snippets will create scrollable containers and adjust scrolling patterns. A project by Nikolaus Baumgarten created in 2004. Supporting the mouse wheel can add further interactivity to your HTML5 web pages. Fullscreen Video Modal Boxes Timeline Scroll Indicator Progress Bars Skill Bar Range Sliders Tooltips Popups Collapsible Calendar HTML Includes To Do List Loaders Star Rating User Rating Overlay Effect Contact Chips Cards Flip Card Profile Card Product Card Alerts Callout Notes Labels Circles Style HR Coupon List Group Responsive Text Cutout AOS - Animate On Scroll library using CSS3. The code is mostly assembled from other snippets on the internet. <!-- Plotly. JavaScript library to animate elements as they scroll into view. Leaflet works with latitude, longitude and “zoom level”. I hope you like it and don’t forget to spread the world. js"> </ script> Scroll & Two Finger Pan + Brush Zoom In + Double Click Zoom Out. js provides a method for highly precise scrolling for pixel-perfect layouts and navigation using real-time updated data values. js by Hakim Elhattab, although it would seem to be currently mostly a proof of concept. 4. The web is getting beautiful with new user interfaces based in HTML5; turn. 27486 Wheelzoom doesn't change the DOM. map('mymap', 'mymap'); // disable scroll-zooming initially map. js is a lightweight and simple vanilla javascript plugin to create beautiful and smooth animations when you scroll. The scroll event is sent to an element when the user scrolls to a different place in the element. js"></script>. This presentation will show you examples of what it can do. it turns out that using vanilla JS for Free to use and modify wow. I mean, scrolling to zoom is one thing – it’s kind of become the natural thing that we do in order to zoom in and/or zoom out when working with things like this on the web – but when you’re working in a larger context, like a page, interrupting the flow of whatever the user is less than ideal. fixed position will be used, to false - absolute position based on current scroll. js under the MIT License: If you want to use wow. o) In Word 2007 the Ctrl+Scroll wheel does not zoom in out Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. When a user scrolls a page that contains a map, the scrolling action can unintentionally cause the map to zoom. The demo below allows the page to scroll normally, without affecting the map. It’s the best way to zoom an image. Next, we Line Charts like any other chart in library support zooming and panning. To disable scroll zooming, you must call the stopPropagation() method on the event object of the mouse-wheel event. js visualisation. Illustrators: Andreas Schumann, Eero Pitkänen, Florian Biege, Jann Kerntke, Lars Götze, Luis Felipe, Marcus Blättermann, Markus Neidel, Paul Painter, Oliver Schlemmer, Sonja Schneider, Thorsten Wolber, Tony Stanley, Ville Vanninen. easypz. Support touch devices. I've tested this on the newest Firefox (2. 5. Works with line, area, column, bar, etc Zoom levels. We built a powerful API that allows developers do literally anything. Change the timeout value to alter the scrolling speed in milliseconds. Simple Parallax Scrolling parallax. Bug tracker Roadmap (vote for features) About Docs Service status The HTML Presentation Framework. To trigger zoom manually, you need to understand translate and scale meaning in d3js. Users reach this content by manipulating the scroll viewer surface through touch, mousewheel, keyboard, or a gamepad, or by using the mouse or pen cursor to interact with the scroll viewer's scrollbar. md Elevate Zoom works best using two images, one low resolution for the visible image, and one high resolution for the zoomed image. It is non-standard, and was originally implemented only in Internet Explorer. Thanks Lars Kotthoff for providing me the solution Unregister zoom listener and restore scroll ability in D3. js by Julian Shapiro Scroll viewers enable content to extend beyond the bounds of the viewport (visible area). zoom. 3. Zoomy is a quick and easy to integrate plugin that will zoom into any picture. 8. Hello There. Simon Codrington explains how to use jQuery and CSS3 to add scroll-based animations to your site and thereby offer your users a more engaging experience. minZoom number default 0: The minimum zoom level of the map (0-24). ★ ★ ★ Embed scrollorama. I'm working on a complete rewrite that does not . This page demonstrates how to use the JavaScript scrollBy and setTimeout methods to make a web page scroll down automatically. 5730. . js is a JavaScript library that will make your content look like a real book or magazine using all the advantages of HTML5. 0, this plugin was known as Have you tried the css zoom property? or maybe the css-transforms like scale()? You can make your outer div overflow: scroll; and bind mouse down events to scroll the div for the pan and drag effect. The HTML element in which Mapbox GL JS will render the map, or the element's string id. js" ></ script >  Zoom and scroll the chart with the following gestures: Pan scroll the chart by dragging on the plot area. Helpful in situations where user zoomed into a small area to get a better view. A library that makes it easy to add scroll animation for both web and mobile. Also provides a simple image  Learn how to zoom into an image while you scroll down the page. To export the code to use on your own project, click Export from the CodePen edit page. Parallax. 6. Product Gallery With Image Zoom - jQuery zoom-image. Rather than scrolling the page, you could perform a different action such as zooming in or out. io/easypz. How about an image that can be changed by moving the mouse wheel up or down over it? Power steering for your scroll wheel. - README. 5 Reasons why you need jQuery/JavaScript Image Zoom on your website. js-based JavaScript charts. Most browsers If that isn’t possible, you can add an additional blur effect to your zoom to help take the edge off any pixelation. js is a unique open source plugin for jQuery. From Internet Explorer 8 and in Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari, the scroll amount is calculated in the current pixel size. Style of the element can be manipulated by ng-style pre-defined directive. To enable blur, click Edit on Codepen and un-comment the code in the JS window. slimScroll is a small jQuery plugin that transforms any div into a scrollable area. Then the src is set to a transparent image. <script src="https://cdn. js by Willem Mulder is also a bit similar to Impress. Useful when displaying large amount of data. 11) and Opera (9. Also provides a simple image pan functionality which which allows to move an image via mouse drag or touch swipe. 2. var chart = c3. plot. js v1. Created by Hakim El Hattab and contributors. I'll cover the following topics in the code samples below: Page, Lock, Scrolling JavaScript, JavaScript, Scrolling Html, and Document Body. Chage mouseScrool to OrgChart. The Element interface's scrollIntoView() method scrolls the element's parent container such that the element on which scrollIntoView() is called is visible to the user jQuery plugin for in-place image cropping (zoom & pan, as opposed to select and drag). It offer means to scroll the view, find the currently visible bounds in project coordinates, or the center, both useful for constructing artwork that should appear centered on screen. but i am unable to find the option in customer defaults in - 453868 The View object wraps an HTML element and handles drawing and user interaction through mouse and keyboard for it. js is jQuery plugin for image zoom. 2'></script> <script  well, I call it on each wheel scroll. o) The scroll wheel does not scroll the ribbon of MS Office 2007. OrgChart JS is a simple, flexible and highly customizable organization chart plugin for presenting structural data in an elegant way Turn. Higher conversion means you'll get more sales with the same amount of traffic. nanoScroller. Don't compromise design. Mouse Scroll Forward to zoom in; Mouse Scroll Backward to zoom out; enableRubberBandZoom() disableRubberBandZoom() isRubberBandZoom: When enabled, users can draw a bounding box to zoom in or out from the map using the mouse. Magic Zoom can fit into any layout seamlessly. com and implemented as a jQuery plugin. Rather than scrolling the page, you could perform a  9 Mar 2016 Ap Image Zoom is a jQuery plugin which allows you to zoom in/out an image with mouse wheel or touch scroll. 5. This plugin depends only on jQuery. Increase conversions. This is my favorite zoom plugin. The example  Wheelzoom. it must zoomed with big dimension only not ZOOMIN the IMAGE. Info; demo. 5% per mouse wheel event });  4 Jul 2019 Zoom html elements with mouse wheel. 2+ or Zepto. style (Object | string)? The map's Mapbox style. The onwheel event occurs when the mouse wheel is rolled up or down over an element. behavior. To configure the zoom and pan plugin, you can simply add new config options to your chart config. The Window. 3. hammer. It uses minimal HTML markup being . With Scrolld. It provides three different modes to meet your exact need. js your scrolling to items will always be exact and will always provide the best user experience. 7. Design and build your site, dividing your content into blocks. Using this, you can build some extremely beautiful  8 May 2019 argumentAxis option allows you to zoom and scroll the argument axis at runtime. 13 Apr 2012 Supporting the mouse wheel can add further interactivity to your HTML5 web pages. Given example shows Line Chart with zooming and panning capability. Leaflet mouse wheel zoom only after click on map but needs a means to disable scroll if the map is full-screen and the user scrolls in-and-out in rapid succession I've been working on a Scroll Zoom Function the last two days and Managed to get it to work with GMapEZ. Users can zoom the map by clicking the zoom controls. JavaScript Charts & Graphs with Zoom and Pan / Scroll Feature. nano > . html; demo. Update: i removed the first example and replaced it by a class which solves the problem Pinch Zoom Image, creates a pinch zoom able image in a scrollable container Can be uses with dynamic size from the height width of the container. Sadly I have no Apple to test it on Safari. Links. Although several other browsers now support zoom, it isn't recommended for production sites. Disable Scroll Zoom in Google Maps Hai i want to ZOOM an image using mouse over function whitout affecting the resolution or somehing. maxZoom number default 22: The maximum zoom level of the map (0-24). js is a dirt simple parallax scrolling effect inspired by Spotify. 10 Build 8679). The infinitely zooming image. 4 allows you to add zoom and pan functionality to oversized images/vectors and automatic map area highlighting on your webpages through unobtrusive javascript How to disable zoom events in JavaScript charts. on('resize', handler) in the first and second variations, and . 0+ --> <script . Arguments – It is the arguments to the script. Basically you're gonna have to bind the scroll event and change the behavior. js Drag and Drop, Zoomable, Panning, Collapsible Tree with auto-sizing. In this article we will see how to implement Image Zoom In and Zoom Out using those Angular JS directives. When this option is turned on, the chart’s y-axis re-scales to a new low and high based on the visible area. Javascript Use parallax even without scroll bar! TAKE CONTROL. yandex. See the Pen Hero Zoom on Scroll by Vail on CodePen. scroll=false">В конце карты  Detailed guide to programming mouse wheel event handlers; compatibility that provide portable and maintainable basis for writing Javascript code. Learn more »  21 Nov 2016 Home TutorialsHow to Zoom Hero Images on Scroll To enable blur, click Edit on Codepen and un-comment the code in the JS window. js and Zoomooz. If someone would try it out [FIXED] ExtJS 5 zoom and scroll on touch devices If this is your first visit, you may have to register before you can post. Using Scroll. js'> </script> . (Some mice don't have wheels and this function is only  well, I call it on each wheel scroll. js to develop commercial sites, themes, projects, and applications you are 100% free to do so! Your source code is kept proprietary. com/panzoom@8. It could be var map = L. Program Flow. com/ajax/ libs/jquery/1. <div data-aos="fade-down" data-aos-easing="linear" data-aos-duration="1500"> </div> Universal pan and zoom library. Weighing just about 38 KB of JS, it has all the mapping features most developers ever need. js - The new zoom feature of turn. js scroll zoom

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