Introduction to JSX

It is known as JavaScript XML and also known as JavaScript Syntax Extension.

Its main benefit is it allows us to write HTML in React. JSX is an extension of JavaScript. It’s based on ECMAScript 2015(ES6). It is faster than regular JavaScript. We can write HTML code easily in React and it gives more functionality of JavaScript. It comes with the full power of JavaScript in a simple language.

JSX was introduced by React in 2023. Over time, JSX has become a fundamental part of React’s approach to building user interfaces. It reduces development time.

JSX is easy for developers but browsers can’t understand JSX. In short, at that time new questions arise. JSX is not part of JavaScript? How does JSX work in React if the browser doesn’t understand JSX? How JSX is compiled? How does it work simply in react?

Babel solves all these questions. It’s a JavaScript Compiler. It helps to convert the ECMAScript 2015+ version’s code into core JavaScript.

So how has it helped us with JSX?

In JSX Babel converts HTML code in core Javascript. So, the browser easily understands core JavaScript. And our JSX code easily compiles and runs. A big confusing task becomes easy with the help of Babel.

With its help, the developer’s work became very easy and fast.

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