About Aasa Technologies

Who we are

Aasa Technologies is a web consultants in Pune we are focusing on website design and development, Web app and portal design & development, SEO, digital Marketing, Custom web app design and development. 

The Beginning

From working for a company, to starting one…
Like any other aspiring individual, our Founder and Director, dreamt of establishing a company of his own. And unlike any other individual who dreams, our Founder dared to put life into his dream. And just like that, in 2018, Aasa Technologies came into existence.

The name AASA was derived from ‘Asha’ – our founders’ mother’s name (Asha : Meaning ‘Hope’ in Pali, an ancient Indian Language).


Our journey so far…. Being new into this business, we carried out extensive planning and research to find out what our competitors have in store. We put our skills to test and check if we’re headed in the right direction. And Turns out, yes we are!

We plan to conquer the market with Cost, Quality and Quantity, making us stand out from the rest. AASA was started with the Idea of Innovating software automation in every business, providing custom web services and more.

Having served more than 60 clients (domestic and international), we are yet to achieve our goal of establishing ourselves as a global brand by the end of 2022.

We believe in building trust and long-standing relationships with our clients and have been successful so far.

Powered by Skills and rock music. We’re not the usual geeks you’ll find in any random company. Our team puts in their best efforts to deliver everything that you’ve asked for (and more!).

Unlike the usual geeks, our team comprises of level-headed technoids munching away at a box of salads (although we prefer chips and fries), grooving at the tunes of rock music, all of this while turning Ideas into Innovation.