We at Aasa Technologies, help clients to assess different technological strategies and help them to align their technological strategies with their businesses or the services that they provide. In this, we provide strategic, architectural and operational planning to support customers’ business needs. Our role as an IT Consultation firm will be focus on integrating information technology into businesses and showing customers how to use IT more efficiently to help reach their business objectives and targets.






Tailored and

Curated to

your Business needs.


Firstly we collect all the information or ideas provided by your company.Once you have gathered information it’s important to research the market.After that, based on this information we plan and start the designing process.


Starts with wireframing process that includes Low Fidelity and High Fidelity wireframe creation which once approved by the client will be turned into a Visual design that will follow the theme and feel of the company or product that is being developed. Then after, we continue building the backend


Framework and CMS are implement by Coding according to the projects requirements, we build on various platforms like LIST OF PLATORMS. After code completion, the built product is tested in order to make sure the software is working as per the client’s requirement.


This is the Most important phase within the products lifecycle , here rechecking of the software product carried out, and then after that, the software is launched. After deploying the files we run a final test to make sure all files installed also once the software is up and running, we provide the clients with any future maintenance or support for the software developed.

IT Consultation Services

Our Group Consulting – Aasa Tech Online Software Development Company. We, in our group, understand that every customer who decides to implement a new software solution inevitably wants to increase their business performance and overall progress. Consultancy is an important step in the collaboration between software providers and customers. Each client needs a mentor who will advise and consult from the overall development point of view of the company.

Our advisory team carefully studies the needs and processes of your business. We then help you identify your exact software requirements and business issues, which can be managed effectively through innovative software solutions. With our knowledge and technical expertise, we will expand our ideas and provide exposure to the latest technology for the best implementation of automation and digitization in our latest business functions. We know the best-proven methods and practices that will help you drive your organization’s performance and maintain a high level in a competitive market.

Our Software / Technology Consultant Services

Business model evaluation

Our professional business consultants help you explore the potential of your business model (existing or potential) so that you can tell what improvements you can make to better serve customers and earn more revenue.

Product Innovation

We help you better determine the needs of your target market and come up with original innovative ideas that can set you apart and increase your brand appeal and credibility. We guide you to make those concepts a reality.

Startup advice

Beneficial professional advice for beginners. Expert advice helps startups avoid loss, time, and costly mistakes. Our group of consultants is focused on strategizing the up-to-date startup solutions needed to make business ideas a reality. These measures are fully intensive to help startups, which lead to commercial prosperity.

Change Management

We have change managers, used to help organizations that use basic activities and often act as process drivers. Therefore, they have practical experience that would be beneficial for the client. We have an evolving toolbox for change managers with operating systems and technologies on the operating system.

IT consulting

Our vision is to work towards making a major contribution to the success and growth of small and medium-sized IT and e-business companies. Our IT consultancy services include Digital Transformation, Product Development, Cloud & Web Apps, and Mobility.

Custom Software Development

  • Our IT consulting team lives throughout the software development cycle and helps to improve your application.
  • Integrated system integration with strong security
  • Project Scope Description and TCO Optimization
  • Performance Engineering and Scalability Benchmarking.

Business Process Analysis

  • We review your business’s IT strategy, existing resources, technology, and other important aspects of IT transformation.
  • Rate the current business process
  • Assign application maturity rating
  • Create a process analysis report

Safety advice

  • Our skilled IT consultants and strategists perform various testing techniques to identify potential security threat areas and recommend effective measures accordingly.
  • Wireless network analysis and evaluation
  • Current Application Security Advice
  • Project Security Analysis and Advice

Audit and evaluation

  • Audits and evaluations align with regulatory compliance to minimize development de-one that can easily increase development costs.
  • Pre-support audit and evaluation
  • Infrastructure audit and evaluation
  • Current system audit and evaluation

Technology advice

  • In technology consulting, following requirements analysis, we suggest the best platform, language, and framework to optimize your technology solution in addition to measuring the solution to keep the solution up to date.
  • Current Application Analysis and Scaling
  • Help develop technology objectives
  • Suggest the right platform for development

Estimate app longevity

  • We assist businesses in the cybercrime management life cycle and support the establishment of effective evidence gathering and interpretation mechanisms.
  • Digital fraud and cybercrime investigation
  • ‘Identification and response to events’
  • Log analysis and interpretation

risk management

  • Our risk management process monitoring is based on a rich mix of process knowledge that can translate our warranty service reports into “business” language resulting in less time to implement controls often.
  • IT Risk – Evaluation, Management, and Control
  • Information security risk management
  • Data loss prevention and security awareness

Dedicated Technology Consultation

  • Our dedicated IT consulting team helps you streamline the development cycle and work dedicatedly on your project.
  • Enterprise Architecture Consultant
  • Software portfolio advice
  • IT infrastructure upgrade

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